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MoVET Appointment Prep

Medical Records:

If you have booked an appointment for a new pet, please email (or ask your previous vet to email) their vaccine and medical records to info@movetcare.com prior to your appointment.

Payment on File

A valid form of payment on file is required before MoVET can perform any services. Please be sure to add a payment method to your account before your appointment.

Handling Tips for your Pets

Pets can get nervous and anxious about visiting the veterinarian. We want to prevent any nervous behaviors that can later create fearful or even aggressive behaviors. Once this happens, veterinary visits can become very unpleasant for both owner and pet that we often resign to just not taking them to the vet's office at all anymore.

Please let us know in advance of any favorite treat, scratching spot, or any behavioral issues you may have encountered with your pet previously. Are they food motivated, territorial, or aggressive towards humans or other pets? Anything that would make your pet more comfortable with us for their visit would be great! We can offer anti-anxiety medications ahead of appointments for some patients that might need a little help relaxing around us.

Please contact us before your appointment should you feel your pet(s) needs more options, such as anxiolytics and / or supplements to continue to make your pet's visit more comfortable. We thank you in advance for keeping our staff safe!

Virtual Consultations

Please tap the "START CONSULTATION" button in our mobile app to start your Virtual Consultation session. Please email info@movetcare.com if you have any pictures or videos that you would like to share with us prior to our consultation. Make sure you are using a device with good internet connection and access to camera/audio. Our telehealth platform allows you to test your device prior to starting the consultation. We highly suggest you run those diagnostic tests prior to connecting with us.

The cost of this service is between $32.00 - $50 per consultation.

Please email (or text us) if you have any questions!

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