We're Hiring!

At MoVET we are passionate about pets! We are a veterinary clinic that offers preventative services only because we believe prevention and wellness are NOT an afterthought. Because of this, we go the extra mile and offer a truly unique, concierge experience for each and every one of our clients and their pets. Clients can have appointments in their home or in our clinic (designed to look just like your living room), they can discuss their medication with an informed team member in our up-front, transparent veterinary pharmacy, and clients can shop in our high end veterinary-approved boutique, even equipped with a self-washing dog bath station, where pampering is a must! Healthcare is so much more than treating an illness for us, it's personal.

Benefits of Working with MoVET

  • People, not Employees culture.
  • Flexible schedule for better quality of life. Reasonable hours expected. No emergencies! No medical appointments on weekends or holidays! But, if you want them there are plenty of opportunities.
  • Pick up Relief shifts at partner clinics around town if you want to keep your skills up or earn extra cash! Oftentimes they need extra seasonal help during holidays, or weekends. We'll happily connect you with them!
  • Work remotely with Telehealth. Pick up telehealth calls with only MoVET clients while you explore and travel for a week ... or two. Run triage or telemedicine -- don't know the difference? Don't worry we can help you with this. Don't skip a beat, we just have you jump back in doing in-person appointments when you get back!
  • Safety during homecalls is taken very seriously. We travel in pairs. Technicians meet Veterinarians at every appointment, and Assistants meet Technicians at every appointment, unless the client is established and has already been screened (eg. owner is a good handler, the house is in a safe neighborhood, it&aspos;s a quick drop-off or simple no-hands-required appointment, etc).
  • Company events & team celebrations.
  • Mentorship & teaching opportunities.
  • Growth path for career advancement.

Available Positions:

Front Desk Veterinary Medical Receptionist & Retail Sales Associate

Lead Veterinary Nurse / Technician