Primary Care & Minor Illnesses

Our routine care for peak-of-life pets covers all their preventative health needs. We do annual wellness checkups, customized vaccine schedules, customized nutrition plans, heartworm testing and prevention. dental care advice and exams, and weight management. We can also address minor illnesses* and help with observation for chronic illnesses like diabetes and arthritis.

New Pet or First-Time Pet Owner?Let's set you up for success! We'll help make sure that the pet you want will be a good fit for you and your lifestyle.

  • Appropriate breed selection based on lifestyle
  • Prep your house
  • Training techniques/recommendations
  • Nutritional recommendations
  • Common breed-specific health issues

If you think this is an animal emergency, please contact a 24/7 ER clinic or urgent care center


A must have support service for any dog owner

"WOW. Doctor Abramson is a GODSEND. I don't know how people navigate the veterinary healthcare system without a service like MoVET. I was never one to care much about my vet choice beyond price. My experience with MoVET completely changed my outlook on what excellence in vet service could look like. [...] Thank you MoVET for saving Bowie and providing me with so much care and support along the way."

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They always go the extra mile

"Dr. Abramson and Dr. Caldwell are fantastic vets - kind, knowledgeable, and extremely helpful. They always go the extra mile to ensure that my dog is well cared for, dropping off medication when I couldn't come into the clinic, providing advice for me to follow at home, and following up to ensure that my dog was responding well to treatment. I could not ask for a better vet or service! And their clinic space is gorgeous - a warm and inviting environment. I feel so lucky to have them nearby! "

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Best veterinarian

"This app give you access to the best vet hands down!!! Easy to use and easy to set up appointments!"

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Highly recommend!

"Wonderfully positive experience for our family and our pet. Staff is smart, kind, clear, empathetic and patient. Highly recommend!!!"

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Your neighborhood vet,


A stress-free way to take care
of your vet appointments.


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